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About Wall Bin Hoppers

About Wall Bin Hoppers
History Rooted in Experience - The Wall Bin Hoppers Story
The young Wall family parents didn't intend to put down roots in Oklahoma. After all, they were just passing through. With just $200 in their pocket, and speaking no English, 26-year-old Cornelius (Corney) and 24-year-old Anna Wall were taking their boys northward from Mexico to a new life in Canada.

But along the way, the Land of Opportunity turned out to be the perfect place. Always motivated to provide for his family, Corney took a job working for a corn farmer in Western Oklahoma. As he learned the local language and learned a lot about agricultural machinery. With this knowledge, he started to buy and sell equipment on the side with the goal of meeting and exceeding local farmer expectations.
In 1994, the farmer Corney worked for asked him to build a grain bin hopper. Had never done this before, but when the neighbors saw the quality of his work, they asked Corney to build hoppers for them as well. For the next four years, Corney built, delivered, and installed grain bins in the evenings while still working full days on the farm. Eventually, Corney built enough success to go into business for himself.

Today, Wall Bin Hoppers is still family-owned and operated. We continue to manufacture custom bin hoppers for new and used bins and are a full-service contracting company that can handle grain storage projects in their entirety. Wed love to work with you on your next project.
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